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Pool Clean - the new guys for pool maintenance in Hamilton.

We are flexible to the needs of your pool & spa and provide the most efficient and effective maintenance service year round to keep your pool not only looking great, but also in great condition. We operate out of Te Rapa, Hamilton, and will travel across Hamilton and the immediate surrounding areas (within 20km).

We are competitively priced, and can be as involved as you would like. From simply conducting pool & spa tests with our industry standard testing systems, and leaving the chemicals with instructions for you to carry out the legwork, right through to doing everything involved for those that are time poor. We adjust to your needs.

Our technicians are always open to questions, and are happy to help increase your knowledge around keeping your pool & spa in great condition. 

To start up a conversation, drop us a message, and one of the friendly team will be in touch to answer all your queries.


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